Tuesday, August 3, 2010

to my baby girl...

Baby Girl,
 We are quickly approaching the nine month mark. Nine months since I heard the doctors tell me that they couldn't find your heartbeat. Nine months since I held you in my arms. I ache inside.
 I encountered a person today. And though this person didn't attack me, I still hurt. I hurt for the sweet girl they attacked (and her Lily too!). How could someone be so cruel??
 You are my first born, and my only child (thus far). How could I not talk about you?? Though you aren't here with me, I am still proud to be your mommy and to call you my own.
 I love you forever my Lilly Bean. And I am so thankful for the lives that you have touched these last (almost) nine months. You are an amazing little girl... I hope that one day I can touch as many hearts as you.

Love Always,

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